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Oma Fitness Cardio Machines

Oma Fitness sports equipment: reliable equipment

The Oma Fitness online shop specialises in selling sports equipment and accessories from a well-known manufacturer. The company was established in 2001 and focuses on the production of sports and fitness equipment. The main credo of the Chinese brand is "integrity, innovation, internalization". Carefully thought-out marketing system, state-of-the-art equipment of production facilities and attention to detail make the company's products a leader among analogues in this price segment.

OMA professional, semi-professional cardio training machines and sports equipment for home use are exported to Europe, America, Japan, over 50 countries around the world, including today Romania.

We offer you to order fitness equipment for home, office or mini gym in any form convenient for you. The store offers a selection of:

  • Treadmills;
  • Elliptical bikes;
  • Exercise bikes

Oma Fitness equipment represents a high level of quality exercise equipment and innovative design. At the same time, prices for ellipticals, treadmills, bike simulators - any Oma Fitness equipment for the home in the online store remain affordable for every consumer.

OMA: movement-oriented details
The professional approach to the development of each model of Oma Fitness equipment has made the brand's products exactly the kind of goods that both experienced athletes and beginners, for whom quality matters, are eager to buy. The smallest nuances have been thought of in every representative of the OMA family - from electronics and iron to accessories that ensure the user's comfort in the process of movement. Breathable materials, multi-stage cushioning, durable alloys, variety of models - everyone can find a workout gear to their liking.

The Oma Fitness store offers elliptical bikes, treadmills and exercise bikes at a great price, with delivery throughout Romania. The advantages of this approach are undeniable:

Buying Oma Fitness sports training equipment in the online store can be cheap - the price offers the opportunity to become the owner of a good device without ruining the budget;
for different purposes we offer different types of models, providing load on different muscle groups, for users with different weight, physical condition, health characteristics;
buy equipment for home or mini gym can not only in the city of Bucharest - we organize prompt and careful delivery throughout the country.
One of the features of OMA sports equipment is the emphasis on ECO. The ECO function helps reduce the energy consumption of fitness equipment, making it an even more favorable purchase.

Enjoy a wide range of programs and workouts to burn fat, build a beautiful muscular skeleton and sculpt your body without leaving the house or taking a break from the office. Compact, economical and stylish cardio equipment is a worthy purchase for improving health and achieving beauty ideals.


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